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The Ultimate Guide To Eyelash Extension Tweezers!

by ZouJie 02 Sep 2022
Although you have practiced so many times, the eyelash grafting effect is still unsatisfactory! How to choose and use eyelash extension tweezers correctly? Let's see how the professional lash artist do as the following guideline.
1. By material
At present, most of lash extension tweezers are made with stainless steel and titanium on the market, while the tweezers made with alloy and carbon are less than stainless steel and titanium.
A. Stainless steel tweezers
Advantages: cheap, not easy to rust.
Disadvantages: heavier than titanium tweezers, and contains a small amount of nickel, some people easy to cause allergy.
B. Titanium tweezers
Advantages: lighter than stainless steel tweezers. It has anti- allergy effect, which is recommended for some people with skin allergy.
Disadvantages: Titanium tweezers are more expensive.
2. By shape
I-shape(straight shape): I-shape forceps are usually used for separating and plucking eyelashes.
L-shape(curved shape): In addition to assisting to isolate eyelashes, another main function is to clip false eyelashes.
A-shape(curved shape): Great for picking up and attaching the classic lash extensions.
S-shape(curved shape): Ideal type for isolation. 
Choose the right tweezers, the correct using skill is very important. Today we are going to talk about the basic techniques of eyelash grafting.
Now that the tweezers are ready, let's see how to use tweezers to make the eyelash extensions.
Precautions for use:
A. Two tweezers are needed, one on the left and one on the left (use elbow tweezers to clamp false eyelashes on the right hand and straight tweezers on the left hand to separate the real eyelashes).
B. When using tweezers, there is no fixed position. How to hold it comfortably is convenient to move. In this way, the strength of thumb and index finger can be adjusted freely.
C. Pay attention to the strength of both hands evenly distributed, do not force too much to cause discomfort.
D. As the tip of tweezers is sharp and dangerous, be careful not to touch the forehead or eyes of customers.
Use steps:
A. Combing
Use the eyelash comb to carve the real eyelashes, smooth and smooth, and avoid touching the eyeliner.
B. Plucking
First, let the curved tweezers loosen the false eyelashes, and separate the false eyelashes one by one. Be careful not to use too much force
C. Picking
Hold the curved tweezers to hold 2 / 3 of the eyelashes, and extract the lengthened eyelashes in an oblique direction. Do not pull the eyelashes in the opposite direction, which will cause the false eyelashes to deform or bend.
D. Adhesion
The lash extensions are usually glued to the real eyelashes 0.5mm away from the root of the eyelashes. To ensure no contact with customer skin and increase the stability of lashes.
Tweezers maintenance skills:
1. In the process of eyelash grafting, the clip will inevitably be stained with glue. At this time, you can't just take a paper towel to wipe or rinse with water. You must use a special cleaning liquid to remove the glue, so as to avoid touching the eyelashes around in the subsequent grafting process.
2. After the eyelash grafting, clean and disinfect forceps with cleaning solution.
Go and find the most suitable lash extension tweezers. With this guideline, you can do the nice eyelash extension as well.
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