Q&A: Everything About Bobolash Eyelash Extension Adhesive

Which adhesive from Mevolashes is the best?

It is impossible to say which adhesive is the best because that is highly subject to the treatment environment, proficiency of the technicians, and preference of individuals.

You should decide what is the best glue for you by considering the room environment, speed of the procedure and client's condition.

For example, if the technicians use a 1~2 seconds of fast-drying glue when their skill level actually take 3~4 seconds to apply extension lashes on natural lashes, the retention will inevitably decrease because the extension lashes are applied to natural lashes after the glue is already a bit dried.

Another example would be if the technicians use the slow drying glue when their speed of procedure is faster than that, it is not an appropriate glue as well because it will slow down the procedure.

What we can recommend is to ALWAYS adjust the room environment (humidity & temperate) to the ideal setting for the eyelash extension glues to perform more consistently. In this way, you'll soon find the best lash adhesive works for you.



Is there any eyelash extension adhesive that doesn’t contain Cyanoacrylate?

All types of eyelash extension adhesive use Cyanoacrylate which is the only one-component that can be hardened under the circumstance genuinely.

There is no other substitute glue that can replace the retention and adhesion of current eyelash extension adhesive. 


What is the ideal temperature and humidity when using adhesive?

As the eyelash extension adhesive reacts and dries with humidity, the drying time is closely related to the humidity than anything. For all eyelash extension adhesives, Its recommended humidity is 45 to 60%. 

The higher the humidity, the shorter the drying time and time of use the adhesive after the dispense. On the contrary, the lower the humidity, the longer the drying time and time of use after the dispense. However, if the humidity is over 70%, the drying time of glue will be slower again.


Can you make a recommendation by the skill level?

For Experts: 0.1 Secs , 0.5 Secs
For intermediates: 0.5 Secs, 1 Sec
For Beginners: 1
 Sec, 2 Secs

*The above-recommended glues are the guideline according to the drying time. We recommend you to make extra considerations based on your room humidity, temperature, preferred viscosity and fume level.


Which glues are best for volume extensions?

Volume extension glues can be divided into two main categories; handmade volume glue and pre-made volume glue.

For handmade volume lashes, as you need to make a fan, it is recommended to use a fast-drying glue or the one that has a bit high viscosity. 0.1/0.5 Secs glue is suitable for those who are fast when applying extension lashes. 

For pre-made volume lashes, it is recommended to use a glue that has fast drying time and low viscosity. This is because the adhesion parts of pre-made volume lashes are wide and glue can be applied excessively on those wide areas which will result in surrounded lashes sticking to them.

0.5/1 Secs glue is suitable for those who are fast when applying extension lashes. 


How to store lash extension adhesive

How long is the expiration date (Shelf-life) of the adhesive?

3 to 6 months* when not opened, 1 month once opened.
(*Why 3 to 6 months? Low fume, sensitive adhesives expire faster than normal adhesive)

When the adhesive is contained in its bottle, it is hard to harden because the surface area that is in contact with the air is small, compared to the capacity of the liquid.

However, once it is applied to the surface material like a jade stone, as the surface area becomes wider, the hardening reaction becomes active and the whole area of the adhesive starts to hardens.

Since the hardening of adhesive is always in progress (even when it's kept in the bottle), its potency keeps on deteriorating even if it is not opened and used. The period from the moment it is manufactured to the state of unavailability to use is called the ‘expiration date’.

It is important to keep the appropriate temperature and humidity and pay attention to the storage methods to prolong the expiration date.


What's the best storage methods for the adhesive?

Eyelash extension glue is a reactive type adhesive. Therefore, it is important to manage the environment in the treatment room and the storage area.

The glue will not deteriorate at temperatures within -50 to 60 Degrees celsius . Hence, store it where it is cool and dark, avoid the direct sunlight and high humidity instead of storing it in the refrigerator.

When storing it, the deterioration of the glue is depending on the humidity rather than the temperature. Therefore, as long as the humidity is low, it can be stored in a place where the temperature is high. However, be aware that, in most of the high-temperature areas, humidity is high as well.

Bobo Lashes glue has a desiccant in the zip-lock bag together, to prevent the performance deterioration of it, which is caused by moisture. When storing the glue, put the glue container with the desiccant together as it was manufactured and store it upright with the zipper sealed.

To manage the glue effectively, write down the purchase date and opening date on a glue zip-lock bag.

Read this post: How to Properly Care for Lash Extension Adhesive for the in-depth tips and how to's.


Can eyelash adhesive supplies be stored in a refrigerator?

The glue hardens by the reaction with moisture in the air. The most stable storage place is in the dark and cool place.

A refrigerator is not an appropriate storage place as it can affect the performance of glue adversely by causing a dew condensation, not only on the outside but also on the inside.

In the past, a dry place that can be easily found was a refrigerator which absorbed moisture.

However, it is not recommended as it keeps and supplies the moisture nowadays. If you must use the refrigerator inevitably, seal it as much as possible when storing and put it on the room temperature at least 2 hours before use.

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